Why Diablo 4 Release Date Could Be Within 18 Months

Activision’s Latest “18-Month” Comment Teased Diablo 4 Release Date in Said Time Frame

Diablo 4 information has remained in short supply over the years. Since Blizzard has been quite mum about the game, the franchise’s fans have done their own digging and some of them may have come across details that it could be nearing completion.

Although there is still no Diablo 4 release date that has been confirmed by Blizzard, the game’s status did change on the developer’s development tracker, Blizztrack. Apparently, Diablo 4’s progress has been upgraded from 0.0.1 to 0.2.0. While this change is not a confirmation that the development for Diablo 4 is wrapping up, it does hint that the game foundation could be finished. “Maybe the game is playable from beginning to end,” said the fan who spotted the update. “All events, many missions, and other content are not yet finished.”

Diablo 4 release date

Furthermore, during a recent earnings call, Activision revealed that Diablo 4 is making “strong progress.” This is very vague and does not point to an actual Diablo 4 release date at all, but it does indicate that the developer team is working hard on creating more in-game content for the long term.

“Blizzard’s launch of Burning Crusade Classic in June marked the start of what is intended to be a very significant 18-month period for content releases,” Activision Blizzard stated during the earnings call. Fans are hopeful that Diablo 4 could be among the content to be released in the next 18 months.

Blizzard is also working on Overwatch 2, which, based on what has been showcased about the game so far, seems to be further along in development and could be released before Diablo 4. Nothing has been said about a Diablo 4 release date during the earnings call, but the way things are going, it would seem that it will have a 2023—or later—launch. However, Blizzard’s comment about the 18-month period does tease that the Diablo 4 release date may be 2022-bound.