Evil Dead: The Game Announces Both Paid and Free Content

The Forces of Good and Evil

Evil Dead: The Game came out four months ago and since then a couple of cosmetic bundles have been released. There have also been a few different free content updates, including a map based on Castle Kandar from Army of Darkness. Recently, Saber Interactive has announced new content on its way.

Yesterday, on the Twitter account for Evil Dead: The Game, a new Demon class was revealed. The Plaguebringer will be playable starting in September. This will come via a free update for all players. No specifics about how the Plaguebringer plays has been mentioned or how different it is from the other Demon classes.

Evil Dead: The Game

Earlier in the week, a new hero was announced, as well. Mia Allen, who debuted in the 2013 Evil Dead film, will be coming to the game. She will be part of the game’s Season 1 content, which is paid DLC.

Neither Mia Allen or the Plaguebringer have specific release dates, but are both slated for September. They may be part of the same update. Season Pass 1 already includes The Classics Bundle and Army of Darkness Medieval Bundle, which have outfits for playable heroes.

Evil Dead: The Game is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It will also be on Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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