Evil Dead: The Game DLC Comes Out This Week

Army of Downloadable Content

Evil Dead: The Game came out earlier this year. It was received with mostly positive reviews, but has kept out of the news cycle for the most part. Before the game even launched though, the developers teased some upcoming DLC, which is now upon us.

With the fairly large amount of Evil Dead source material for Evil Dead: The Game to draw upon, there is quite a bit of potential for DLC. Saber Interactive showed fans concept art for DLC based on Army of Darkness. On Friday, they announced that it will be coming out this week.

Evil Dead: The Game

The new map will be based on Castle Kandar from Army of Darkness. In the base game, weapons and items can be found throughout the area, but Castle Kandar is in a different time period. Perhaps there be items specific to the new map; appropriate for the middle ages.

The best part of this news is that the Castle Kandar DLC will be available for free. There is paid DLC to come, but no details on that has come out yet.

In other Evil Dead news, a new film is set to come out this year. Sam Raimi will return as director, but Bruce Campbell has not been cast as Ash Williams. Perhaps we will see some DLC coincide with the release of Evil Dead Rise in 2022.

Evil Dead: The Game is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It will be available later on Nintendo Switch. The Army of Darkness DLC will be available for free on July 13th.

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