The Ascent Devs Celebrate 1st Anniversary By Teasing New Content

The Ascent May Get New Content Soon

The Ascent is celebrating its first anniversary. To make the celebration a lot more interesting, developer Neon Giant has decided to tease fans with the possible arrival of new content.

“It is our first year anniversary!” devs wrote on social media. “Thank you to our awesome community for sticking with us and for playing our game.

the ascent 1st anniversary new content

Neon Giant accompanied their celebratory announcement with a quick video that only lasts for 10 seconds. Basically, it was a teaser video of what fans could expect for the franchise in the near future. Still, fans may want to keep their expectations in check especially since devs did not reveal much in the teasing post. They only instructed the gaming public to “Gear up for a new contract.

At the moment, there is no information about what this “new contract” is going to be. Everyone will have to wait further for more instructions. However, it has not stopped fans from getting excited. After all, players have applauded the game for its incredible visual design, fun encounters, and tight gunplay.

The Ascent had a lot—if not all—of the gaming public’s favorite video game features. It had a top-down perspective, amazing shooting mechanics, a treasure trove of customization and loot options, as well as an interesting cyberpunk aesthetic. The only issue that many players have with the game is that it ended rather suddenly. Devs were absolutely silent regarding future content, until now.

Back in March, even Co-Founder Arcade Berg kept his cards very close to his chest whenever he had to answer questions about new content for The Ascent. However, he did confirm that the team is always “exploring what can be done in the future with The Ascent.” “So pay attention,” Berg said.

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