The Ascent, Cyberpunk Shooter, Climbing to PlayStation in March

A New DLC?

It’s time to survive when the corporation collapses, now coming to PlayStation. That’s right developer Neon Giant’s cyberpunk shooter, The Ascent, is coming to PlayStation platforms at the end of March. Currently pre-orders for the PlayStation version are available. In addition a press release provides more information about the PlayStation version of the game, as well as, a new DLC coming to Steam players. 

The Ascent

The Ascent is a solo, and co-op, sci-fi shooter set in a cyberpunk world where a Mega Corporation owns you and everyone else. Players are workers in the worlds largest mega corporation when suddenly it collapses. Now, either alone or with friends, you must survive as crime syndicates and power-hungry corporations enter your district. As you play find loot, customize your character’s appearance, and upgrade your character’s skills. Additionally, as you explore and grow stronger you will find better weapons and upgrades to hold your own. 

“We’ve been blown away by how amazing the response to The Ascent has been so far on Xbox and PC…” Says Co-founder and Creative Director of Neon Giant, Arcade Berg, in the press release. “So we are thrilled to be bringing the game to a new audience of PlayStation players.” 

Alongside the announcement of the PlayStation version of The Ascent is an announcement trailer release. Of course, it has an age restriction but players can watch it on YouTube. 

Currently The Ascent’s PlayStation platform edition is releasing on March 24th. Pre-orders are available now, and those who pre-order will receive an exclusive energy rocket launcher. In addition to the pre-orders for the PlayStation version of The Ascent, Steam now has access to the Cyber Warrior DLC Pack. The DLC provides players with new weapons, armor, and skins.