The Ascent Earned $5 Million During Its Launch Weekend

This Should Be Enough to Pay Off Our Debts

Isometric action RPG The Ascent made over $5 million in sales revenue over the course of its launch weekend, officially making it publisher Curve Digital’s biggest launch ever. Nothing quite like record-setting profits to justify the costs of game development, right?

The game also took first place on the Steam Global Charts, making it clear that Neon Giant’s cyberpunk indie game was a serious AAA competitor. Not bad for a game released so soon after the controversial Cyberpunk 2077 with very similar themes. We guess this goes to show that it’s hard to keep the cyberpunk genre down when so much of what makes it iconic–and terrifying–is becoming a mundane fact of life.

The Ascent has also featured on over 1700 YouTube and Twitch channels, which have gathered over 10 million views for their streamed gameplay. A solid 90% of global Tier One productions have covered the game, too, which puts The Ascent in the Top 10 for PR coverage received on a single day in 2021–pretty impressive, since it’s the first title from Swedish indie studio Neon Giant.

These numbers put the game on par with and above AAA titles, and they don’t even include money made via the Xbox Game Pass. Only profits from the PC and Xbox platforms have been counted so far, meaning The Ascent is even more successful than it first seems.

“The Ascent is the first game out of Curve where our new team has been able to substantially make their mark, working closely with the developer and our platform partners. This success is the result of a genuine team effort throughout the company, the arrival of new leadership and talent and is truly reflective of our new approach of being developer and player focused in all that we do,” commented Curve CEO John Clark.

One thing is certain–cyberpunk fans are in for a real treat with this title.

The Ascent screenshot

The Ascent is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

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