Path of Titans Stomps Into Founder’s Edition Closed Beta

Time to Go Prehistoric 

It’s time to walk amongst the mighty dinosaurs. Today Alderon Games is happy to announce the launch of the closed beta for their upcoming game, Path of Titans. A press release gives players more information on the Founder’s Edition closed beta. Additionally, a new teaser trailer provides a better look at the gameplay. Specifically, players can gaze upon the imposing Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Path of titans

Path of Titans allows players to play as a dinosaur, from the egg to the powerful beasts of the prehistoric age. Players can choose from one of 26 different species of dinosaurs and enter into a full dinosaur rich environment. Furthermore, the land is crawling with AI creatures, as well as, 200 other players all playing as differing dinos. Players must try to survive their new world. Augment and upgrade your dinosaur, survive natural events, and more. 

Additionally, players will be able to make their dinosaur their own. With different sub-species, color patterns and other unique visual styles. Of course, players will be able to customize their dino even further with their abilities.  Players can spend points they earn on abilities, such as levelling the strength of their bite, or even swap out different attacks. Choosing a dinosaur that fits their playstyle will also be important. An ambush predator? Run down your prey? Wait in the water? Your choice. 

Players can get a look at all of this in the new trailer. 

The closed beta for Path of Titans is available now for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and mobile platforms. More information is available on Path of Titans’ website. So, are you ready to embrace your inner dinosaur?