Magic the Gathering Double Masters 2022 Bringing the Power Today

More Shiny More Power

Everyone who plays a CCG either online or in the physical knows foil cards are great. So, it’s always a great day when a new set drops with even more rare and foil cards. Today, Wizards if the Coast is happy to announce the release of the newest expansion set for the world’s oldest and best trading card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG).The new set, Double Masters 2022, is bringing more powerful cards as well as strong reprints. A press release provides more information on the set. Additionally, the MTG website gives the details on some of the cards coming. 

Magic The Gathering

Double Masters 2022 is a set for both collectors and those looking to make viable competitive decks. The set contains 331 cards with more rare and foil cards than ever before. Each pack will contain two rares and two foils, making it easy for players to really boost their power. Of course, Double Masters 2022 is seeing some fan-favorite reprints to go along with the release of the set. For instance, fans will get a chance to grab iconic cards like Wrenn and Six, Liliana The Last Hope, and even the original Eldrazi Titans. 

Those collectors amongst the fans can anticipate premium treatments, new card flair and styles. At the same time, competitive players can expect a new layer to drafting with a three color format and multicolored limited archetypes. 

Double Masters 2022 packs are available for purchase today. Double Masters will be available as Draft Boosters, Draft Packs, and Collector Boosters. So, what cards are you hoping to get out of the new packs? What kind of deck do you play?