Diablo Immortal Earns More Than $1 Million a Day

Controversy Sells

Despite industry-wide heavy criticism, Diablo Immortal still makes more than $1 million daily.

diablo immortal backlash microtransactions

According to the data coming from AppMagic, Diablo Immortal remains very profitable for Blizzard Entertainment. The game was released last month, however, its revenue stream for Blizzard remains over $1 million per day and peaked last month with $2.4 million in one day. The game’s aggressive microtransaction model has even earned it more than $20 million in its first two weeks, with more than 10 million downloads in June 2022.

The game is undoubtedly a financial success for Blizzard Entertainment, however, this comes at a very high cost. Diablo Immortal’s controversial microtransaction system has allowed the studio to garner a lot of money from its player base’s pockets, but this has also angered Diablo fans worldwide as the game has seemingly gone too far. According to an analysis done by Bellular News, players could potentially have to spend around $110,000 in order to max out a post-game character.

The game’s outrageous system has also previously led a Twitch streamer to spend over $15,000 only so he could acquire a 5-star gem. After finally receiving the gem after weeks of grinding and spending money, the player decided to uninstall the game, reinstall it so he could use up the gem, and then uninstall it again.

Diablo Immortal has certainly been a financial success for Blizzard Entertainment, but it has also proved to be a devastating blow to the company’s reputation in the gaming industry. The game is now available for free download on iOS, Android, and PC devices.