A Better Ubisoft Says “Key Demands” Are Not Met One Year Later

A Let Down

In recent years, reports of on-going abuse in Ubisoft studios have been rampant. An internal group called A Better Ubisoft has been formed by current and former employees. A year ago, they penned a letter with a list of demands to upper management. Sadly, they are declaring that not one of these demands have been met.

Today, A Better Ubisoft posted a thread detailing some of the employee statistics in the company updated over the past year. The open-letter sent to Ubisoft management was signed by many current and former employees. 25% of the “current” employees that signed at the time have since quit their position at Ubisoft.

A Better Ubisoft

Of those who quit, a 60% majority of employees were he/him, 39% were she/her, and 1% were they/them. A Better Ubisoft also pointed out that just 25% of employees are women. This makes an overwhelming majority of the voices men.

They also noted four of their key demands: 1. To stop promoting and moving abusers within the company. 2. To have their voice represented in a meaningful way. 3. Industry standards for Ubisoft and other companies to follow ensure these cases of abuse are handled. 4. Collaboration with non-management and union representatives.

Unfortunately, none of the above demands have been met, even a year after first being stated. Hopefully, upper management will change their tune with more pressure, especially from fans.

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