Pokemon GO Devs Respond to Backlash About Recent Event

Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Is Under Fire for Having Less Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon GO Fest is an event for players to celebrate the popular mobile game. Unfortunately, it has come to light that not everybody enjoyed this year’s special event. 

According to multiple players, they did not get as much shiny Pokemon encounters as they did in previous years. Many players “shared how their experience was the opposite.” A lot of them even went as far as accusing Niantic for lowering the overall odds. Finally, devs have responded to these comments. However, it would seem that they did not really address the exact rates that the gaming community wants to know.

pokemon go devs backlash recent event

We understand that for some Trainers, the biggest way they judge the quality of a Pokemon GO event is how many shiny Pokemon they catch,” said Game Director Michael Steranka. “If shiny Pokemon are too prevalent, it degrades the game in the long term.”

A lot of Pokemon GO fans were quick to notice that Steranka did not directly address if the shiny odds were purposely different for this year’s event. However, he did promise that they will continue to listen to what the gaming community has to say. “We have heard a lot of feedback about this area,” he added. “We are taking that into account for future events.”

Pokemon GO fans are also not happy about Niantic’s decision to cut the time to participate in the event in half. They also noticed that devs seem to be slowly pulling away from beneficial items such as the Remote Raid Pass item that they can use to join a raid from any location.

Steranka wants to remind players that the event is about bringing players together. “Pokemon GO Fest events are about coming together for a weekend of fun catching, raiding, battling, and exploring,” he continued.

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