Pokemon GO Devs Fixed Trading Issue & Added Trade Limit Bonus

Pokemon GO Trading Is Back Online

Pokemon GO has had quite a busy week. Players were in the middle of enjoying some major events when devs decided put a temporary freeze on player-to-player trading within the game.

The freeze on in-game trading started on January 19th. Unfortunately, Niantic did not provide any explanation at the time on why they decided to temporarily stop the feature. However, Pokemon GO fans think that it is because of a previously found bug that gave out Lucky Trades too frequently.

pokemon go devs fixed trading issue

Regardless of why Pokemon GO trading was halted for a short period of time, the devs were very quick in coming up with a fix and bringing the feature back to the Pokemon community. They even added a sweet bonus to make up for lost time.

Trainers, we have resolved the issue affecting trades,” Niantic wrote on social media. “This feature is available again.

As mentioned, devs also added a sweet deal to thank fans for their patience. “We have increased the max number of trades per day to 150,” they wrote. “This increase will last until January 24th at 10am PST to make up for lost time trading and earning XL Candy.”

Increasing the daily limit to 150—even temporarily—sounds a tad bit too high. However, this will be put to good use by Pokemon GO players who intend to get the most value out of their Season of Heritage bonuses.

Every trade players do during Season of Heritage is going to guarantee XL candy for a certain Pokemon. This means that they can have two more days to trade up to 150 times per day. Doing so will rack up a tons of bonus XL candy. XL Candy is a very useful resource in this popular mobile AR game. With that said, fans may want to take advantage of these extra trades to get as much of it as possible.

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