Alolan Pokemon Are Coming to Pokemon Go

Alolan Pokemon Are Coming to Pokemon Go

Some Alolan Pokemon will now be available in Pokemon Go on March 1. This news comes from a new Pokemon Presents, which revealed a lot of new Pokemon information.

Legends of Arceus got a free update, the next generation of Pokemon was revealed, and new Alolan Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go. If you are a fan of Pokemon, this event was a must-watch. There is so much news, and you can’t miss the reveal of a new generation!

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It isn’t entirely clear which Pokemon are coming, but it is likely we will get a large cast. The three starters seemed guaranteed based on the trailer. I’m glad my pal Rowlet is making an appearance.

Pokemon Go isn’t really for me, but as far as mobile games go, it is one of the better ones. I’m glad to see it remain so consistently updated. It feels like a true celebration of the history of Pokemon. You have so many Pokemon from many different generations. While I don’t care much for it, I can easily see the appeal of collecting and training your favorite friends. I’ll just stick with the main, console games.

These Alolan Pokemon are arriving on March 1 as a bit of surprise since they were not listed on the roadmap. Niantic hinted at possible surprises and wanted no time actually having a surprise. I’m sure fans aren’t going to complain about even more Pokemon to catch. That is the entire point of the game, after all.

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