Pokemon Celebrates 25 North American Years with TIME Magazine 

Commemorating a Quarter Century of Pokemon Red and Blue in North America

Twenty-five years and five months have passed since the iconic release of Pokemon Red and Blue in North America. But as the saying goes, ‘better late than never,’ TIME magazine has decided to join the celebration with a special edition dedicated to the beloved franchise.

With Pokemon Day 2024 and the much-anticipated Pokemon Presents showcase approaching on February 27th, TIME has unveiled four distinct covers for its special edition, each featuring one of the original starters or the ever-popular Pikachu – an essential inclusion, naturally.

While the covers may differ, the content within remains consistent: 96 pages brimming with all things Pokemon. From delving into the series’ rich history to examining the phenomenon of Pokemon GO, the articles exude a sense of enthusiasm, a far cry from the outlet’s cautionary tone in a 1999 cover story on the franchise.

The allure of owning all four collectible covers ensures that displaying the complete set will add a charming touch to any shelf, as evidenced by a captivating snapshot shared by @LeonhartYT. Leonhart, renowned for his Pokemon card YouTube channel, revealed in a subsequent tweet the challenges of acquiring the entire set, requiring “several trips” to various stores.

For those willing to embrace the uncertainty, the special TIME magazine can be purchased in paperback form on Amazon for $14.99, although the cover received remains a delightful surprise. Such is the risk inherent in aspiring to become the ultimate Pokemon Master.

Despite TIME magazine’s belated commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Pokémon Red and Blue’s introduction to the United States, its publication coincides serendipitously with the upcoming Pokémon Presents showcase, showcasing a remarkable sense of timing – pun intended. This fortuitous alignment underscores the enduring relevance and widespread anticipation surrounding the Pokémon franchise.

The delay in TIME’s tribute does not detract from the significance of its release. Instead, it serves as a poignant reminder of the timeless appeal of Pokémon, transcending temporal constraints to captivate audiences across generations. As fans eagerly await the latest announcements and developments in the Pokémon universe, TIME’s special edition serves as a timely nod to the enduring legacy of the beloved series.