Sign Up to Playtest Skate 4 Now Open and Pre-Alpha Trailer Released

He Was a Skate 4 Boi

It’s been a while since Skate 4 was officially announced and a while since we have had any news of it. Well, good things come to Sk8er bois who wait. EA has shown us just how much progress they have made on the long awaited game.

A short pre-alpha trailer can be seen on the Skate Twitter account. It shows Skate 4 at different stages of development. We can see the early footage of polygons tricking off a board to more detailed skaters in a textured world.

skate 4 pre-alpha footage leaked

What is important is that they really look like they have nailed the way the board and the characters should behave. There even looks like there is some off-board parkour elements, so players can get to some prime gnar-shredding locations. Footage also shows a bunch of players skating together, sort of like we have seen in Riders Republic.

What may also be exciting for fans is that, while the game is still early on in development, there is a build ready to be playtested. If you are one such player anxious to get your hands on Skate 4, you can sign up on EA’s website to be a Skate. Insider.

There is still no release date for Skate 4. We are expecting it to come out on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. However, supporting platforms are yet to be fully confirmed.

Do you want to try this build of Skate 4? Let us know in the comments below.