Skate 4 Behind the Scenes – It Exists and It’s Being Worked On


It has been one year and one month to the day since EA announced that they were going to start working on a new Skate game. Flash forward to today and Skate 4 continues its important tradition of not being in our hands. Have no fear though; developer Full Circle has released a little something to let us all know that it’s coming out.

New Skate Game

Yesterday, Full Circle told us that Skate 4 would not be at EA Play Live this week, but instead, they would be showing us something today. A little behind the scenes footage shows us that the ground work is being laid, but isn’t show-ready.

That being said, they have shown gameplay to a select few people. In this behind the scenes video, we see a bunch of reactions to gameplay (which we are not shown) and we see some skaters in motion capture suits.

Obviously, this video is intentionally teasing us. It is still early on in its development, but I would have liked to see a new logo or something. Like they say though, they’re working on it. It’ll be ready when it’s ready.

What else is there to say? We don’t have any release timeline or gameplay footage to feast our eyes on, but we just need some more patience. Hopefully, Skate 4 or whatever it will be called will be worth the wait. Maybe the new game will be a reboot and just be called Skate.

What do you want to see in the new Skate game? Let us know in the comments below.