Overwatch Will Be Upgraded and Replaced By Overwatch 2

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So, if you have any confusion about Overwatch 2, you’re not the only one. Hopefully, we can help you clear things up. From the reveal of the sequel, the goal was to keep a “shared multiplayer environment”. A couple of days ago, the development team held an AMA on Reddit.

Amid the mess of dissecting answers and reiterating previous announcements, we have found some clarity on Overwatch 2’s release. It will enter early access on October 4th. At this point, it will replace the current Overwatch live service. This means Overwatch will cease to exist and only Overwatch 2 will remain.

overwatch 2 devs disable wrecking ball too powerful

If you try to launch the Overwatch application, you will be prompted to upgrade to Overwatch 2. Thankfully, it will launch with a free to play model. New and returning players alike will not have to purchase a new game to play.

When the game was originally announced, it sounded like they would remain as two separate games, but have a shared PvP experience. However, it is pretty much just one big upgrade, making the 2 kind of confusing. As you may know, standard PvP has been changed to 6v6. The 5v5 matches of Overwatch will be gone, unless a separate game mode is made.

In just a few days, the new beta will begin on PC and consoles, so hopefully the transition between games will run smoothly. Overwatch 2 will enter early access on October 4th.

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