Minecraft Spinoff Will Be a Real-Time Strategy Game

A New Minecraft Spinoff Project Is in the Works

The Minecraft series has always been ripe for multiple spinoffs. With that said, it would seem that Developer Mojang currently has a team dedicated to one. According to a gaming industry insider, the spinoff is going to be a real-time strategy game.

There is a new Minecraft spinoff in the works,” the insider revealed. “It seems like it is a real-time strategy game.

minecraft spinoff real-time strategy game

The insider claims to have seen some screen shots of the upcoming project. According to the leaker, there will be enemy Piglins. There was also a bit of a discussion about its story and cut scenes. “You are controlling a Steve-esque unit on the field,” he added. “Ordering your units around in a third-person view.”

At the moment, the Minecraft RTS is in its very unfinished state. It is currently under an unknown code name. Of course, as expected, devs have yet to make an official announcement regarding the project. However, there will be plenty of opportunities for them to do so in the next several days. “Perhaps it is something Microsoft will be announcing over the next week,” the insider continued.

The gaming community is well aware that there is a long slew of events that Minecraft devs to choose from. The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase is airing this Sunday. Plus, there is another Xbox stream happening next Tuesday. With that said, Microsoft is definitely in a good spot to make the official reveal.

The Minecraft base game has a primary focus on crafting and resource gathering. An RTS would make a lot of sense for the franchise. After all, it would simply stream line that with specific units and building prefabs, with a focus on strategic combat. It is not too difficult to picture how various scenarios could be seeded just like a Minecraft world as well.

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