Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition Bundle Coming Out This Week

When Two Become One

For a while, playing Minecraft on PC could be kind of finicky. There is the Java version and the Bedrock version. The trouble is that the two versions offer some slightly different features. Java comes with some characters skins and mods, while Bedrock offers cross-play and multiplatform support.

This past weekend, Mojang announced the Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition bundle. Going forward, this will be the only option to purchase Minecraft on PC. If you already have either Java or Bedrock editions, you will automatically be given access to the missing version in the Minecraft launcher.


No action will need to be taken on your part, but it may take a few days for everyone to get their other copy. While it may still be kind of a pain to switch back and forth between the two, if you want access to the other features, Mojang will not be merging the two versions. They will remain independent from each other.

While it would be really great to just have one version with the best of both, that unfortunately is not in the cards. You can also not run both games at the same time. Not really sure why you would ever want to play twice at once though.

Minecraft is out now on… everything. PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, WiiU, mobile, and probably a lot of other things.

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