F2P Roller Champions Is Now Live After Multiple Delays

Roller Champions Is Finally Live

Roller Champions is live now. This free to play roller derby game from Ubisoft is officially out to the gaming world following multiple days.

Devs delayed the game two times. Fans who were able to try it out feel like its gameplay is pretty much identical to what devs showcased in 2019’s E3 trailer. It is understandable that the game development process may have been complex during a pandemic. However, it has been almost three years. With that said, fans are not too happy about having to wait that long for a game that did not have any meaningful changes.

Roller Champions live now multiple delays

Roller Champions has two teams playing against each other in a race. The first group to score five points on a supercharged roller derby track wins. The rules of the game are simple. Players just have to get the ball, carry it for one lap around the track, and then shoot it through a hoop to score.

Players need to do two laps before they can perform a dunk. This increases the risk of the enemy team taking the ball away from them. After the dunk, the scoring team gets three points. With three laps, players can get five points. This brings an automatic win.

Roller Champions fans had to wait approximately three years for a gaming experience that is as simple as its rules. The arenas are also pretty small. Moreover, each match runs for only a maximum time of seven minutes. Basically, because of its relatively tight confines, there is just not a lot to do within the game.

Teams that are more coordinate and organized may get more fun out of efficiently passing and scoring as a unit. However, Roller Champion’s arenas are just so small that fans think pickup matches feel a bit dull.

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