Netflix’s Resident Evil Series Has an Action Packed Trailer

Evil Resides on Netflix

Resident Evil has taken a shine to film and television recently. After the conclusion of the Paul W. S. Anderson movies, a few separate projects have been developed and released. There is the Infinite Darkness limited series on Netflix, Welcome to Raccoon City, and the live-action Netflix series. None of which share any continuity.

Infinite Darkness and Welcome to Raccoon City have already been released and now we are waiting for the Netflix show, simply titled Resident Evil. Today, Netflix released a first look at the series.

Resident Evil

We see Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, you know, before the betrayals and mutations. We see him working on vaccines for Umbrella. He is using blood from Jade and Billie, who we can assume to be his daughters. They all move to New Raccoon City, a gated community owned by Umbrella.

Of course, since it’s Resident Evil, everything goes to shit. Fourteen years later, Jade is surviving in an apocalyptic London in 2036. Fans of the video game series will recognize the flashes of different creatures that appear in the trailer. We see infected dogs, Lickers, as well as a cult-like group, like what we see in Resident Evil in the later games.

The trailer also shows us a release date. We could be watching this show on Netflix in just a couple of months. Resident Evil will be premiering on July 14th.

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