NecroBouncer, Dungeon Crawler, Slashing to Release in 2022

Classic Crawling Action 

Welcome to the dungeon. It’s a classic type, you’ll find some familiar elements for sure, but the music is great and it’s a pretty bumping club. That is to say… Today Developer Alchemy Sheep is happy to announce their classic-style roguelike dungeon crawler, NecroBouncer, is launching later in 2022. A press release and Steam blog provide more details about the game and the wholesome direction it takes. Additionally, a trailer gives players a look at the art style and gameplay of NecroBouncer. 

NecroBouncer places players in the boney shoes of a necromancer bouncer working at a dungeon nightclub. Booming beats, great style, and bad guys taking over the club. Players will need to hack-and-slash their way through the nightclub, clearing out evil minions and bosses. Of course, you’re a necromancer. You don’t really need to fear death. As a roguelike, NecroBouncer ensures each run of the game is different. Dozens of items, abilities and more all ensure that you can find your favorite playstyle while changing every run. 

Of course, as with most roguelikes, boss fights are a major part of the game. After defeating different rooms of enemies, each with varying objectives, you will face a boss. Each boss has their own unique style, mechanics, and challenges that may take players some time to get used to. Additionally, the trailer for the game gives players a glimpse of these different rooms and bosses. 


NecroBouncer is releasing on PC, via Steam, later in 2022. Currently players can wish list the game on Steam ahead of its release. So, are you ready to become the NecroBouncer and clear out the club?