Card Shark, Card Deception Game, Coming to Switch and PC June 2nd

Play Your Opponent Not the Cards

Welcome to 18th Century France. It’s time to cheat your way to the top. Just don’t get caught. Today Devolver Digital and developer Nerial are happy to announce their deception based card game, Card Shark, is coming to Switch and PC on June 2nd. In addition to a small press release, a new trailer also provides players information on the game. 

In Card Shark players play as a charming and dishonorable card player amidst the backdrop of 18th century France. Your goal? Cheat your way into high society without being caught. Card Shark presents players with a game of deception, poker, and history. While at the same time, providing players with a story full of adventure. 

The game allows players to use a whole manner of deceptive tricks to ensure their win. For instance, card marking, false shuffles, deck switching, false deals, and more are all in your tricky arsenal. As you win, use your earnings to buy into more and more expensive high-stakes tables, not open to the public. 

Of course the release date trailer gives players a glimpse of this adventure. For instance, the card dealing and deceiving but the art style and some of the results if you’re caught cheating. Furthermore, it hints towards the deeper story without giving anything away. 

Card Shark is releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC on June 2nd. Currently a demo is available on Steam. So, are you ready to try and cheat your way to the top? Or will you get caught cheating and suffer the consequences?