XCOM 2 Will Be Free Off Epic Store This Easter Weekend

XCOM 2 Devs Are Giving It Away for Free This Weekend

XCOM 2 fans will be delighted to know that Firaxis is giving the game for free this Easter Weekend. The masterful strategy is sequel will be absolutely free off the Epic Store.

Devs released XCOM 2 in 2016. It took a relatively old step of assuming players were defeated by the game’s alien invaders in 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The sequel tasks players to build a scrappy resistance unit against the extra-terrestrial occupiers.

XCOM 2 free easter weekend

The sequel builds on its predecessor with more of the franchise’s tough yet rewarding gameplay. Just like the first title, players can build their own squad and even name them after their friends. They can either laugh or wince every time the digital representations meet their demise within the game.

It is worth noting, however, that the free deal on Epic does not include the fan-favorite War of the Chosen expansion. Still, fans can get the expansion at an 80% discount alongside other DLC content that was part of the XCOM 2: Collection Upgrade.  

For only $9.99, fans can grab the War of the Chosen expansion, as well as 4 DLC packs. These are Alien Hunters, Resistance Warrior Pack, Shen’s Last Gift, and Anarchy’s Children. This means that they will still have plenty of content to explore even after they have finished the free base game.

XCOM 2 is also not the only game that is being given away this Easter Weekend. Roguelike Insurmountable will also be free to grab. The mountaineering game has a Very Positive rating on Steam. It also recently got a major update that brought a tutorial and a new story line alongside procedurally generated side missions.

In any case, gamers will have plenty of free gaming to play through this Easter Weekend. They will still be enjoyable—especially for fans—even if neither are thematically appropriate.

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