Xbox Hardware Sales Are Beating The PlayStation 5 and Setting New Records

Record-Breaking Xbox Hardware

Xbox Series X/S console sale numbers are beating the PlayStation 5’s, setting all new highs for the month of March, and outperforming Xbox 360 consoles, according to the latest monthly sales report by NPD Group.

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The monthly sales report also indicates that Xbox was by far the best-selling hardware platform for both the month of March 2022 as well as the entirety of the first quarter of 2022, outperforming the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Interestingly, overall video game hardware dollar sales are down 24% for Match 2022 when compared to March 2021. First-quarter hardware sales have amounted to $1.2 billion total, which also indicates a 15% decline when compared to the first quarter of 2021.

According to Stephen Totilo, these numbers indicate three main points overall. Xbox as of right now is doing better than it was since the Xbox 360 days, PlayStation 5 consoles are still in short supply which is why they’re beaten by the Nintendo Switch, and overall hardware supply is still affecting the hardware revenue negatively.

Xbox hardware sales have also beaten PlayStation 5 for the first time in Europe in February 2022, and the Xbox Series X/S consoles were the overall best-selling consoles in the UK in March 2022.

Xbox is also now celebrating beating out their old Xbox 360 all-time sales numbers. After 17 months since the release of the Xbox Series X/S, the consoles have sold 13.87 million units in total which is an incredible achievement when compared to the Xbox 360 consoles which have sold 9.38 million units in their first 17 months since launch.

This only promises great success for the Xbox Series X/S generation of consoles since the Xbox 360 was by far the most successful console generation for Microsoft and would, later on, sell a total of 84 million units.

The reasons behind this incredible success of the Xbox Series X/S console generation are numerous but they all amount to two important points. The budget-friendly and low price point for the Xbox Series S appeals to non-hardcore gamers, and the enticing Xbox Game Pass subscription service that is undoubtedly a great price for value proposition.