THQ Nordic Grants A Bang for Your Buck Announcing Way of the Hunter

The Call of The Hunt 

Prepare your equipment. Grab your calls, ready your tracking eyes, and get ready to set out on the hunt. Today THQ Nordic and Nine Rocks Games are excited to reveal their upcoming hunting sim, Way of the Hunter, coming soon to PC and next-gen consoles. Combining storytelling and realistic bullet physics, Way of the Hunter aims to bring a new experience to the hunting genre.

Way of the Hunter 

Way of the Hunter places players in the boots of a seasoned hunter. Taking over your grandfather’s hunting cabin gives you the opportunity to follow in a family tradition: hunting. Players will track, stalk, and kill various types of game and then sell their meat to make a living. Yet the story isn’t all that Way of the Hunter has to offer to you hunters. 

According to Nine Rocks Games’ CEO,  David Durčák, Way of the Hunter is starting a franchise. In a press release he says, “The Way of the Hunter franchise finally gives this expansive audience of players a hunting experience as rich in story-telling as it is realistic in ballistic simulation.” 

The game features a large arsenal of authentic hunting equipment. Of course, this includes licensed guns and scopes. Additionally, each weapon is subject to real handling and bullet physics. Furthermore players will be able to test all of their equipment out in two massive hunting locations. One in the U.S and one in Europe both feature an expansive hunting area complete with individual simulated ecosystems. An announcement trailer gives players a glimpse of the environments of Way of the Hunter as well as other features of the game. 

THQ Nordic is bringing Way of the Hunter is coming soon to PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. So, get ready for some hardcore hunting adventures in the wilderness. 

SOURCE: Press Release