The Serpent Rogue, Sandbox Game, Gets Alchemical Today with Launch

Cleanse the World 

Enter a world of alchemy, exploration, and plague. Today Sengi Games is happy to announce the launch of their new sandbox adventure roguelike game, The Serpent Rogue, on PC, Nintendo Switch, and next-gen consoles. In addition to a press release about the game’s launch, a launch trailer gives players a glimpse at the gameplay and story. 

The Serpent Rogue place players in the shoes of The Warden. Plague mask? Check. As the Warden players will adventure across land looking to cleanse the world of the malevolent plague: The Serpent Rogue. On a journey full of danger, players will need to learn to master the mechanics of the game. Perhaps most importantly, is alchemy. As you adventure you will collect ingredients you can experiment with them. Combine different ingredients to create new potions that will help you in encounters. 

Of course, the Warden will be encountering enemies. However, fighting isn’t always the answer. It is your call. Will you battle them head on? Maybe use your potions perfectly to get around them? Or even tame some of the beasts of the wild. In addition to danger, your journey will be full of choices. Each choice comes with a consequence. For instance, leaving bodies around will attract ghouls that will become even more dangerous to the people of the land. 

The launch trailer for the game gives players a look at the gameplay. Additionally, a rhyming narrative voice-over gives players a listen at some background story for the game. 

The Serpent Rogue is releasing today on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X/S, and PlayStation 5. Will you become the Warden and save the land?