Netflix Is Adding Nearly 50 Games to The Streaming Service This Year

More Netflix Games?

Netflix is reportedly planning to offer around 50 games in total as part of their subscription service within 2022, according to The Washington Post.

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The streaming platform is currently looking to increase its offering and value of the service by exploring gaming-based new content “from every direction” as a new business strategy.

Netflix had initially announced its intention to enter the gaming space around July of last year, and since then it has hired multiple new executives for its new gaming vertical over the past couple of months.

Video games might be the saving grace that Netflix has been looking for to reinvigorate the streaming platform. It has so far released a new mobile game based on the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things“, and made a Netflix show known as Arcane based on the beloved video game “League of Legends”. Netflix has also started investing in third-party game development and new original games but there is no word yet on when we can expect those games to release.

It is worth noting that this aggressive new direction Netflix is taking may be sparked by the latest revelation that it has actually lost subscribers for the first time in its history at around 200k, and expects even more subscriber losses in Q2 of 2022 by as much as another 2 million.

While Netflix has been blaming password sharing as the main reason behind its stagnant subscription numbers, this new move highlights that the streaming service is well aware that the issue is far more complicated than that and it may need to expand its target audience and add more value to the service.

Netflix is also currently facing more competition in the streaming service space which leaves it in a harder position to justify the high monthly cost of $20 when compared to Disney Plus’ $8 or HBO Max’s $15.