Halo Infinite’s Developers Look At The Road Ahead For 2022

Halo Infinite’s Developers Look At The Road Ahead For 2022

Halo Infinite is the latest game in the long standing franchise. The game, developed by 343 Industries, released for free on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in December 2021. Since then, the developers have been working towards Season 2. Today, the team behind the game unveiled a roadmap for 2022 as it looks towards content and more coming in the next few months. The roadmap unveils plans for Season 3, other updates and key aspects that the team seeks to address.

Halo Infinite

To start, the developers note that the roadmap should be realistic and that some merely targets or goals. The roadmap will be evolving over the next few months. The roadmap reflects the studio’s priorities including address negative player issues, competing Season 2 and delivering Season 3 and continuing work on other content.

The developers estimate that Season 3 will release on November 8th. In Season 3, players can expect a new battle pass, maps, game modes, Forge Open Beta and split screen campaign. Some fans are disappointed that there is a six month gap between Season 2 and Season 3, as the content may become stale for more serious players.

Furthermore, the developers expect to constantly release Quality of Life updates in Halo Infinite via drop pods during the season. Quality of Life updates include bug-fixes, new features and other aspects of the game that may affect player experience negatively.

On May 3rd, Season 2, Lone Wolves, will release on all platforms. This update will introduce two new maps, new game modes and other pieces of content.

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