Ember Knights, Roguelike Adventure, Firing Up Now On Early Access

Fiery Fights 

Become an Ember Knight and heat up your fights to save the universe. Today Asmodia Digital and Doom Turtle’s action roguelike game, Ember Knights, is now available on Steam Early Access. An announcement, concerning the Early Access release, provides more details on the content to come during the first 3 updates of the early access. Additionally, a short launch trailer gives players a cinematic and gameplay glimpse of what they can expect. 

Ember Knights allows players to step into the flaming boots of an Ember Knight. Your goal? Defend the galaxy from the evil sorcerer Praxis and his armies. Set in a pixel-art universe Ember Knights introduces players to a solo, or co-op, experience in which they face hordes of enemies with customizable playstyles. Of course, as a roguelike, Ember Knights features a multitude of weapons, skills, and relics that allow for runs to be completely different from one another. Players will need to learn to balance hack-and-slash combat with timed skills to truly learn to handle the hordes they will face. 

 Importantly, for the Early Access, the developers have given players a roadmap. The map details what is to come up until the end of summer. This includes three updates. Of course, these updates include many things. From quality of life updates to new items the updates will bring much more. Additionally, the launch trailer gives players a glimpse of what to expect from Ember Knights. 

Ember Knights is out now on Steam Early Access. Currently the game costs $14.99. Additionally, until April 27th, players can enjoy a 10% off launch bonus. So become an Ember Knight today, and save the universe.