Certain Affinity Will Be More Involved in Halo Infinite’s Future Development

All Hands on Deck

Certain Affinity has just announced it is deepening its relationship with 343i and will be more involved in Halo Infinite’s future evolution.

“We’ve been part of the Halo franchise for more than 15 years and we’re honored to say we are deepening our relationship with 343i and have been entrusted with further evolving Halo Infinite in some new and exciting ways. Join us on our journey.” said Certain Affinity in a blog statement.

Halo Infinite

In the summer of 2020, Certain Affinity has revealed it has been working alongside 343i to help in the development of Halo Infinite since December of 2019. Since then, Windows Central has reported that Certain Affinity has been working on an unannounced game mode for Halo Infinite which is likely to be a “shooter’s take on battle royale or something else entirely.”

Certain Affinity has now also advertised new and remote job openings in Austin, Texas, as well as Toronto, Ontario. These job openings are likely to be related to the Halo Infinite news and include Senior VFX Artist, Environment Artist, Senior Technical Animator, and more.

It is no secret that Halo Infinite has been going through a content drought which has led to the player population on both Xbox and PC to plummet. 343i has recently acknowledged the players’ frustration, promising they are actively working to ensure the content drought never occurs again moving forward.

Halo Infinite is also now set to receive new content as Season 2 starts on May 3rd which will include two new maps, a brand new battle pass, as well as campaign co-op sometime during the season. Forge, a map-creating tool for players, is also expected to be available starting Season 3 of the game’s lifecycle.

Halo Infinite is currently available for download with free-to-play multiplayer on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.