Apex Legends’ Latest Trailer Shows Off Its Newest Hero

Apex Legends’ Latest Trailer Shows Off Its Newest Hero

Battle royales grew immensely over the past few years in popularity. Apex Legends is one of the most popular in the genre as a new take on hero shooters. The game is available on multiple platforms and is free to play. Today, Respawn Entertainment have released a trailer showing off the game’s newest legend, Newcastle, who is the hero of Harris Valley. Newcastle will launch as part of the game’s latest update, Saviors, along with other content.

The four-minute trailer begins with the backstory into Newcastle’s popularity and even mentions Bangalore, an existing hero known for her smoke grenades. Soon enough, the trailer switches to a more ominous scene filled with violence, guns and more. In the end, a man accepts the wager to pay back the debts of another, by entering the battlefield. The hero of Harris Valley will be tasked with taking his team to victory using his shield and other secrets. Survival is key!

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Besides the new hero, in Saviors, players can expect various treasures along the shores of Storm Point, including downed beasts. Additionally, the developers will be making some changes to the game’s ranked system that now rewards both skills and teamwork. The Saviors Battle Pass allows players to work through daily and weekly challenges for various rewards such as legendary skins, reactive weapons and much more.

In Apex Legends, players fight alone or with friends against various other heroes who are vying for victory. To win, players must be the last alive.

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