Why You Should Get into Game Development: Pros and Cons

Gaming is one of the activities that most people make time for regardless of their age. If you have excellent programming skills, it’s awesome to build a career in game development. You will always use top-tier game engines to code all the characters to life as a game developer.

Sometimes you might feel like you aren’t ready to dive into this career field for various reasons. Well, the choice lies in your hands. But before that, let’s find out the pros and cons of getting into game development.

Pros of getting into game development

There are numerous benefits of being a game developer. The best upside of game development is the thrill often associated with it. In this case, you have to give the characters you brought to life unique attributes. You also have to provide them with skill sets. That being said, let’s dive into the pros of possibilities of a career in game development.

Better utilization of programming passion

There are lots of students out there who have excellent programming skills but aren’t using them effectively. With time, the skills dwindle, and they can no longer remember the exact syntax of programming languages they knew.

Getting into game development will allow you to try different languages and algorithms. You will also learn unique logic that will help to create amazing games. As you enjoy those twists, you will gain more skills and utilize better programming skills.

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Flexible working

Nowadays, flexible work conditions are the dream of many employees. Even the self-employed are struggling to achieve flexibility with their tight working schedules.

Most of the game developing countries allow working from home. So, you cave, imagine working on something you love from the comfort of your den! Does it get any better? Tasks are distributed as per skill level. If you start a company, it’s upon you to decide your working schedule.

Turn a hobby into a job

Research shows that only 20% of the people are passionate about their jobs. Maybe the rest have no room to explore their creativity optimally. This can mess with your creativity and ultimately kill your passion.

Turning your hobby into a job will give you the best experience ever. When passion meets a career, the sky is the limit. You will explore extensively as you have never thought of before.


As a developer, you will have to write, sketch, code, develop, test and fix bugs repeatedly. That’s until you attain perfection. In this case, a lot of patience is required with excellent programming skills. You must also be able to reason effectively and make the best decisions within a short period. Here are the cons of getting into game development.

Requires a high set of skills

With the advancing technology, new skills are being developed every day. Keeping with the growing pace of technology is often hard and challenging. Some of the new skills might be very complex to understand.

Before you are done, a new design must be implemented. This makes the field of game development very challenging. It’s tough to achieve success without focus in this career. Here, dedication is the key, and if you find it hard, you will often get pissed off.


If you are the kind that loves things getting done faster, then you will face it rough. Processes in game development are prolonged due to their complexity. You have to fix bugs with the game code lines, which may take all the time allocated for other activities.

If you are into game development, it’s challenging to concentrate on other activities. The development part of the game may even take several months. In this case, you are just working on lines of code, and it’s less likely you will feel motivated.


Gaming development is one of the best fields you should aim to venture. That’s if you have the passion and skill set needed for the various processes. It’s always an awesome process for those that just interesting in one type of career. But not attractive to those that love multiple sources of income! Before venturing into this field, you have to effectively learn the pros and cons.

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