Razer Introduces New Interhaptics SDK for Developers at GDC 2023

Immersive Gaming 

New advances in technology mean more immersive gaming. Especially when new tools are made available to developers. Today, at GDC 2023, Razer announced new free Haptic SDK kits for developers. Importantly, these SDK kits are focusing on bringing more immersion through audio, visual, and HD haptic feedback. A press release provides more details about the free release of the SDKs. 


Razer’s new Interhaptics universal HD haptic SDK and directional haptics are expanding to multiple new platforms. Of course, these include PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Meta Quest 2, X-input controllers, iOS, and Android. Additionally, the SDKs will be available for new game engines like  Unity and Unreal Engine. 

Eric Vezzoli, General Manager of Interhaptics, explains that “With the introduction of directional HD haptic feedback for our HyperSense headsets, we’re bringing PC gaming and VR to a previously unachievable level of player immersion.” 

Furthermore, the new Haptic software is upgrading to have in-app testing for new tech. For instance,  DualSense wireless controllers for PS5 and select Razer HyperSense headsets can all feature testing for the Haptic software. 

Vezzoli also states, “”At Razer, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming, and we know that haptics plays an essential role in creating the most immersive gaming experiences.” 

Developers are currently able to sign up for the  Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense Dev Kit with programmable directional HD haptics at the Interhaptics website. Of course, the free Haptics SDKs are also available on the Interhaptics website. So, are you excited for these new immersion changes?