Annapurna Interactive’s A Memoir Blue Has Officially Launched

Annapurna Interactive’s A Memoir Blue Has Officially Launched

Annapurna Interactive has worked with various independent video game creators since its launch in 2016. Over the past few years of helping developers, the company has been involved in the release of Outer Wilds, Solar Ash and The Artful Escape. Today, the company has confirmed the release of its latest title, A Memoir Blue. The game can be described as an interactive poem. The game is available at the price of $7.99. It has released on various platforms including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. On PC, fans can enjoy a 10% discount until March 31st.

Therefore, in the game, players will experience an emotional story as a mother and daughter share a lifelong, powerful bond. It follows the journey of Miriam, a young athlete, who must swim into the depths of her memories to reconnect with her mother. The game features a unique aestethic, 3D art and other finer details that bring the journey to life.

Along the way, players will experience gameplay that mixes sacrifice and heartbreak with victory and pride. Furthermore, Annapurna Interactive and developers, Cloisters Interactive, released a launch trailer. Additionally, the forty-second launch trailer showcases the game’s art-style, graphics and some aspects of its gameplay. It is clear that Miriam’s story is filled with ups and downs.

Also, Cloisters Interactive is an independent video game developer based in New York that focuses on experimental storytelling and stylized visuals. A Memoir Blue is its debut in the video game industry.

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