We Were Here Forever Reveals It’s Escaping Castle Rock in May 2022

Explorers Prepare

Together you have tried desperately to escape Castle Rock. Now the adventure is turning up a notch. Today, Total Mayhem Games unveils the release date for its grand finale in the We Were Here saga, We Were Here Forever, coming May 10th, 2022. The co-op adventure game brings players outside of the castle and to the greater world in a non-linear exploration experience. Additionally alongside the release date reveal Total Mayhem is releasing backstory trailers. Aptly titled Chronicles of Castle Rock these trailers, the first of which is already out, will fill players in on the lore of the game. 

We Were Here Forever is a co-op adventure game that focuses on player collaboration to solve puzzles. As well, players can explore Castle Rock and beyond non-linearly and will need their partners to aid in exploration. In We Were Here series fashion, the puzzles will be asymmetrical with each player getting different information that they will need to relay to their partner. Of course, it isn’t all puzzles and exploration. A darker story has been weaving its way through the games. It reaches its peak with We Were Here Forever. All of this adventure takes place in the Realm of the Mad King: Castle Rock. 

Additionally, more information about the realm and the story of the game is made clear in the trailers. The first of which begins unfolding the story. Furthermore it lays out a new region of exploration, Rockbury. The trailer also gives players a feel for the atmosphere of the game. Sinister and dark. 


We Were Here Forever is releasing in May of 2022. The next episode of the Chronicles of Castle Rock is releasing on April 5th, with subsequent episodes to follow until release on May 10th, forr PC,  with console editions to follow. So, are you ready to leave Castle Rock explorers?