Valve’s Next Steam Next Fest Announced

A New Line of Steam Demos Coming Soon

Even as the Spring Next Fest for Steam is ending, we’ve got news of the next fest that is coming up.

steam next fest still on track for june with hundreds of demos

Mark your calendars for the June 2022 edition of Steam’s multi-day celebration of upcoming games!” Valve wrote in their announcement. “From 13th – 20th June, players get to try out free demos from all sorts of upcoming games on Steam, giving developers a chance to start building an audience and gather early feedback.

Steam also gave a little ditty on the press release: “Steam Next Fest in June, this here is your memo / To mark down the dates to try hundreds of demos / There will be lots of livestreams – we say there’ll be oodles / For the sake of this rhyme, they might go well with noodles. (Poodles?)“. Which is pretty cute.

As well the sheer amount of demos to try, there will be a bunch of live streams to enjoy, as well as meeting the people behind the games.  There have been no reveals for the games that will be given demos and revealed in June, not yet, but there is a lot of excitement.

steam next fest still on track for june with hundreds of demos

There may also be more reveals for Steam Deck games, as well as general promotion of the Steam Deck itself, but we may have to wait until it is closer to the Next Fest date to hear more.

But while the schedule is close, if not overlapping with E3, it’s difficult to say whether this is for better or for worse. E3, for one, is not to be held in person due to “the ongoing health risks surrounding COVID-19,”. Moreover, there have been no specific dates announced for the event so far- nor has there been any updating on the website, from the quick glance over.

So for now, Next Fest may be the place to be at (at least digitally)!