Game Pass For PlayStation May Be Unveiled This Week

Rumor of PlayStation’s Codenamed Spartacus Project Will Be Revealed This Week

Sony has been working hard behind the scenes when it comes to the PlayStation. And this may come in the form of the unveiling of a certain project, known currently (and internally) as Spartacus.

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Project Spartacus has been predicted to be two things. The first prediction is that it would be combining the two current subscription services, PlayStation Plus, and PlayStation Now. And two is that this will be an answer to the Xbox’s very successful Game Pass.

The current idea is that Spartacus will have three tiers of the subscription service. Each tier is excepted to offer different games at different price points, adding games that will come in the future, and the highest tier of the subscription could offer games from the PS2 and PSP catalog. Currently, the PlayStation Now service offers PS4, PS3, and PS2 games for those who are subscribed.

But from what information that we can find, it looks as if Spartacus will offer more of a back catalog of PlayStation games from over the years, rather than what will be more current like it is with the Xbox Game Pass.

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Still, according to the report, it sounds as if we will get a “debut with a splashy lineup of hit games from recent years”. As well, we may see Spartacus as soon as this week. And with it, we may see the prices revealed, as well as the initial library of games that will be unveiled.

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But it does sound as if, while the new subscription service will be offering a lot, there will be no first-day releases on the new pass. So for those who would want to have, say, God of War Ragnarok at launch, that sounds like it will not happen. But we may be wrong.

Hopefully, we will hear more details soon!