Vampire Survivor’s Developers Provide Roadmap Updates And More

Vampire Survivor’s Developers Provide Roadmap Updates And More

Poncle, an independent video game studio, released Vampire Survivors into Early Access in December 2021. Since then, the company has consistently released updates for the game. Today, via its Steam page, Poncle have released a blog update discussing the game’s upcoming updates, content and roadmap. At the time of release, the game had approximately 60% of its content. Over the next few months, the company wants to introduce as much content as possible for fans to enjoy.

Following the release of Patch 0.3.1, the team has reached 70% of its content marker. In Arcanas, set to release in April, even more content will be released. Furthermore, the company is set to implement a major gameplay mechanic along with an Endless Mode. Additionally, the team wants to fix performance issues and release a new engine for the game in Summer. However, the plans for these were pushed back as it makes more sense to tackle it in a different manner.

In terms of the game’s mobile version, the developer expects a proper version to hit Android devices soon. Players can also try Vampire Survivors on the Steam Deck and can also look into Magic Survival on Android.

In Vampire Survivors, players must survive against hordes of enemies with minimalist gameplay and roguelike elements. There are various keys to victory including focusing on leveling weapons, refunding power-ups and taking it slowly. The hordes of enemies are coming for you and players must make the right choices along the way. Each choice snowballs into the next.

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