Grey Eminence’s Developers Discuss Religion In Recent Dev Diary

Grey Eminence Developers Discuss Religion In Recent Dev Diary

Grey Eminence is an upcoming grand strategy title from The Nestinars. The Nestinars are an independent collective of programmers, designers and artists who are putting their efforts into making grand strategy titles. The company has a massive task ahead of them as the genre is filled with talented teams and great games. However, the developers have been releasing information and developer diaries on Grey Eminence, its upcoming game. Today, the company discussed Religion in its fifth developer diary.

In the game, religions will be a collection of individual denominations with shared beliefs. Each denomination will include a set of doctrines which control how the clergy is organized, its theological foundations and more. There are four options available to players which are autonomous, semi-autonomous, centralized and unorganized. Each choice has its own consequences.

Furthermore, each religion can have its own stance on other issues. For example, on the issue of divorce, the three options are forbidden, allowed and spiritually approved. Stances will affect character relations. Reformation, heresy and schisms can also affect religions in the long-term.

Furthermore, the developers have noted that the religions are moddable. This includes both systemic and content-level changes. Thus, players can rewire a specific doctrine and use coding to implement a system of magic in into fantasy mods. The possibilities are endless for players interested in changing some core aspects of the game.

In Grey Eminence, players will steer the fate of Earth from 1356 to 1956 as war, diplomacy and economics are at the forefront of concern.

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