Halo Launches Instagram Filter Celebrating The Halo TV Series

Finish The Fight…On Instagram

Xbox’s biggest IP, Halo, has launched its own Facebook and Instagram filter to celebrate alongside its fans the launch of the new Halo TV Series on Paramount+.

Halo TV Series

The AR filter was unveiled last year, and it allows group chats to select a special filter known as “Halo Silver Team”. This filter includes four variations of spartans that the users can choose from, all from the new Halo series and all include their own background inspired by the TV Show’s set pieces.


This is definitely a clever way for Microsoft to promote the show and increase the hype factor surrounding it. The Halo Paramount+ TV Series has so far gained mixed reviews, some fans really love the action sequences, others are critical of the story, others are furious over the design of Cortana (Masterchief’s iconic AI companion), and hardcore fans have been very adamantly against the TV Show letting Masterchief take off the helmet which has never happened in any of the Halo games so far.

Halo Season 1 is so far sitting comfortably at a 7.0 IMDb score, 61% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and 60% Tomatometer which is enough for it to be considered a “fresh” viewing experience for critics.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers should also be celebrating the fact that they can start watching the Halo TV Show at no extra cost by claiming a free month of Paramount+ this month included with their existing subscription. Halo has so far only released 1 episode, with the show expected to release 1 episode a week until the first season ends by May 19, 2022.

Finally, it is worth noting that Paramount+ has announced that the Halo TV Series is so far breaking records at the streaming service, as it is its most-watched premiere of a TV Series ever. Paramount+ has also officially renewed the Halo series for a second season 2 weeks ahead of the premiere.

Halo’s latest game, Halo Infinite, is available now completer with campaign and multiplayer on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.