Valley of the Dead: Malnazidos, Shambles, To Release Today

A Horrifying Horde 

It’s 1938, there are undead everywhere, welcome to the apocalypse. Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment España’s 3D zombie killing game, Valley of the Dead: Malnazidos, has released. A press release provides more information about the plot and features of the game while also discussing the unique art style.

Valley of the Dead: Malnazidos places players in the boots of a young military office, Jan. Taking place in 1938, on All Saints Eve, the game begins when Jan goes on a mission that quickly turns hellish. Literally. Of course, when he arrives to his mission the gates of hell are open and pouring out undead. Hungry undead. Furthermore, Jan is outnumbered and always running out of bullets. 

The game, according to the press release, functions around infiltration and exploration mechanics. These mechanics will put players in positions where they need to choose between fighting, sneaking, or running. Additionally players will get to employ these mechanics across different locations in the game. From dark forests, to overrun villages, and deep dungeons, all on quest to learn the truth about what is going on. 

One thing unique about the game, says the press release, is its artistic inspiration. Valley of the Dead: Malnazidos mimics comic books using cell shading graphics to make it feel more akin to a graphic novel or comic book. 

Valley of the Dead: Malnazidos is out today on Pc, via Steam, and PlayStation consoles. Currently, the game costs $19.99. Are you ready to take on the hordes of hell and make it out alive?