Syndrome Now on Nintendo Switch

Survival Space Horror Out on Switch

For those who want to crash into a mix between Alien: Isolation and Dead Space, and were not able to do so before: now is the time!

Syndrome Feature

Syndrome, which came out originally on PC and Xbox One in 2016, and PlayStation 4 in 2017, can now be found on the Nintendo Switch. Currently, the game can be found in the e-Nintendo Store. Though it has not been said if there are any physical copies of the game that can be bought for the Switch, currently there is a deal going in the Nintendo store. The game itself is 60% off! Not a bad deal!

As for what the game is about, well. As previously covered, Syndrome (previously called Sleepers before having the game changed to avoid copyright issues) is a first-person combination of shooter and survival horror game.

Syndrome Screen 4

After waking from a cryosleep, players find themselves seemingly alone in the most advanced space station. A voice on the comms says that something in space is kidnapping and hunting others on the ship. The best way to survive is to run and hide. But still- there may be tricks going on in the player’s mind, meaning that all of the running and hiding may be for naught- that this could all be in their mind.

RedDeerGames, who is publishing the Switch Version of the game, also released a new announcement trailer for the game. While it does look brutal, in watching the game, there are some reminders of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Soma- albeit with the brutality of Dead Space or Alien: Isolation, as stated by the press release.

For those who are interested in the Nintendo Switch version of the game, as stated before, the game itself is 60% off, making it currently $9.99 in the Nintendo digital store. For those who do not have the Switch, the game can still be found on PC, Xbox One, and  PlayStation 4.

Source: Press Release