The Original Dying Light Just Got a Next-Gen Patch

Original Dying Light Game Got a Next-Gen Update

The original Dying Light game just got a next-gen patch. Techland pushed the patch out today to enhance the 2015’s game on the PlayStation 5. Thankfully for Xbox users, they will also be getting a similar update for the Xbox Series X at a later time.

A next-gen patch has come to PlayStation bringing quality improvements and enhancing your gameplay experience even more,” Techland announced. “Soon you will be able to feel the benefits of next-generation experience with new video modes coming to Xbox!”

original dying light next-gen patch

Dying Light’s next-gen patch for the PS5 and PS4 Pro is live now. Those who use Sony’s latest console can now enjoy “new video modes and enjoy the increased view distance while parkouring through Harran.

There will be three new video modes. Performance mode will have 60 frames per second in full high definition. Quality Mode will be at 30 fps at 4K resolution. Lastly, the balanced mode aims for 6o fps in Quad High Definition. In addition to the video modes, there will also be a 25% increase in in-game viewing distance.

For the PS4 Pro, the patch improves the game’s 30 fps capacity. It also brings a new networking solution to Dying Light.

Devs released the original Dying Light game on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on January 27th of 2015. In May of that same year, devs launched a re-release bundling of the game with all of its DLC for those three platforms. It made its way to the Nintendo Switch in October of that year as well.

Moreover, it has also been confirmed that the Dying Light team is currently working on “a big patch” for the sequel. “This patch will introduce fixes for death loop, rag doll animations, user interface, and much more!” they previously stated. 

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