New Valheim Mistlands Update Teases Giant Spider Monster

Valheim Devs Could Be Bringing Back the Giant Spiders

Valheim’s Mistlands is an unfinished biome that initially featured massive spider webs. These heavily implied that players will be battling megaspiders within the game. Developer Iron Gate Studios has reportedly decided to redesign the biome and have gone back to the drawing board for some reason.

Previous Valheim reveals concerning Mistlands only showcased a lot of wet, grassy terrain and sharp boulders shrouded in a heavy fog. However, it would seem that Valheim devs have decided to bring back the spiders once again.

valheim mistlands update giant spider monster

They recently shared a concept art of an onyx staircase that leads to what looks like a lair covered in glistening spider webs. There are also giant seed pods along the walls outside of this lair. All of this gives a very spidery vibe. What is known for sure is that whatever is hiding inside that cave definitely does not want Valheim players to come in.

The other Valheim photo shows the in-game character brandishing a cross bow. This would be the perfect weapon to have for approaching that scary-looking cave.

Although fan speculations about the lair are primarily suggesting the return of the spiders, some think that they are not the only possibility. Some fans think that what covers the lair might not be webbing at all. It could possibly be hardened slime. This implies that there could be a gigantic snail or slug in that cave.

Valheim fans will have to wait further before they find out what hinds in the shadows. “The biome is quite some time away still,” devs said. “But we are excited for it and we believe the result will be well worth the wait!”

Designing a new biome is a large undertaking with many pieces that need to slot together before it can become the complete experience it needs to be,” devs added. “It will require a lot of iterations and testing before it is done.”

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