More Publishers Join Sales Suspension in Russia

This Joins Nintendo, Microsoft, and Others in Russian Sales Suspension

Russia has seen a lot of gaming sale suspension as of late. We’ve seen it with The Bloober Team, Nintendo, Microsoft, among others.

Take-Two Interactive Logo

And now there have been more that have decided to join the suspension list. Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft have decided that they will be suspending sales in Russia due to the Ukraine invasion.

Take-Two Interactive vice president of corporate communications Alan Lewis spoke to PC Gamer in an email, stating, “We have watched recent events unfold in Ukraine with concern and sadness.” Lewis further stated, “After significant consideration, last week, we decided to stop new sales, installations, and marketing support across all our labels in Russia and Belarus at this time.

Ubisoft, meanwhile, announced their decision via a blog post on their website, saying simply in the form of policy,  “In light of the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, we have decided to suspend our sales in Russia.

These two companies are only the latest companies and game publishers to establish that they will not be taking in Russian profits at this time. Activision Blizzard, CD Projekt, The Bloober Team, as well as mentioned before, Nintendo and Microsoft have refused game sales. EA in particular is taking all of its games off of Russian access and has been working towards having their platform partners take off their games as well.

Ubisoft Montreal

Epic Games have also joined in not having Russian sales but has not blocked access to their platform, citing “the free world should keep all lines of dialogue open.

Some game publishers and developers have also decided to raise money in humanitarian efforts for Ukraine aid. Riot Games has promised on March 5-12, 2022, they are, and will, have in game fundraisers, to support humanitarian efforts in Europe.

There may be more in game fundraisers and game suspensions in the future. We will have to see.