More Information Revealed About Ghostwire: Tokyo

The Game Director and Staff Reveal Info About Gameplay, Background

With Ghostwire: Tokyo coming out on March 25th, 2022, we have all been wanting to hear more information about the game. And thankfully, we have gotten more information, through an interview done with WCCTECH that revealed all sorts of information. This includes how much time gameplay will take.

Game Director Kenji Kimura reveals details as to the hows and whys:

When we were thinking about the genre of this game if this was an open world game was a question that we wanted to kind of address first in this response. Depending on your view of what an open world game things might change, but for us, we think this is an action-adventure game with a sandbox style map, with a mystery that you want to solve by exploring through the city. In that light, Ghostwire: Tokyo probably wouldn’t fall into the open world genre, but that’s our thinking.

We wanted the player to have the ability to go wherever they wanted to go that felt interesting to him or her as the player. If you see something that’s cool, you want to go there and we want to remove the hurdles or the stress that would normally exist to actually go there.

That included the vertical access, going up buildings. So if you’re walking around the Shibuya crossing and you see a nice building, you might think I wanna go up there. One of the challenges you were asking for making a game like this is to allow the player to find a way to go upwards and find the right path, even the easy path to get up to the rooftop that they see. We were able to use spirits and place different objects that would kind of act as hints to tell the player what’s the easiest way to get there. That was a new challenge that we weren’t expecting, but it was something that was fun to create

In regards to the longevity of Ghostwire: Tokyo, we think it’s about 15 hours just to complete the main missions. If you want to play and enjoy all of the side missions, depending on your skill level, it would probably take about twice that amount of time or more. And so we’d say about 30 to 40 hours of gameplay if you wanted to do all of the side content.

There you have it. We can’t wait to play the game ourselves!