Ghostwire Tokyo Announces Spider’s Thread Update & Xbox Launch

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Tokyo has been under siege from various supernatural monsters. So far, you have done an adequate job defending the city. Yet, now a new challenge is on the horizon. Today,  Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks announced a free new update coming to their  action adventure game, Ghostwire Tokyo.  Releasing on April 12th, the update, titled Spider’s Thread, is introducing a new game-mode, new story, areas, enemies and more. Additionally, the update is accompanied by the game’s release to Xbox. A press release provides more details about the update. 


Ghostwire Tokyo brings players to an alternate version of the city. A version of Tokyo that is teeming with supernatural creatures called the Visitors. Basing the monsters off of pieces of Japanese folklore, the monsters seem to be all that remain in the city as almost all humans appear to be missing. Of course players do battle with these monsters through magical abilities and weapons. 

The free Spider’s Thread update is introducing whole new ways to play. The titular game-mode that the update introduces, is bringing players to a 30-stage gauntlet that can be made up of over 120 different levels. Your goal? Make it to the end alive. As you complete stages, you will earn in game currency to unlock skills and upgrades. However, that’s not all. The update also provides new areas to explore in Tokyo as well as new story threads to pick up. Finally, players can also look forward to facing off against whole new enemies and defeat them with brand new abilities. 

Ghostwire Tokyo is currently available on PC and PlayStation consoles. It will be available on Xbox Series X/S on April 12th when the Spider’s Thread update arrives. So, what are you looking the most forward to? 

SOURCE: Press Release