The Cycle: Frontier Dives Into the Storm With New Event

Storm Divers Ready

Storms are striking the planet of Fortuna III at an increasingly alarming rate. Prospectors who are brave enough will be dropped right into the heart of these storms. Are you one of these brave storm divers? Today,  developer Yager is excited to announce the newest event arriving to their  PVPVE extraction shooter, The Cycle: Frontier. Arriving just ahead of Season 3 the event, Titled Storm Divers, introduces players to a host of new cosmetics, gear, and map specific events. A press release provides more details on the event. Furthermore, a fun “Wheel of Fortuna” trailer shows off the season end event. 

The Cycle

The Cycle: Frontier places players above, and on, the dangerous planet of Fortuna III. Your goal is to gather as many resources as possible and escape with your life intact. Of course, when everything and everyone on the planet wants you dead, this is easier said than done. Now with the coming of a brand new creature in season 3, The Howler, this task will get even more difficult. 

Yet, now a brand new challenge awaits those prospectors brave enough to descend to Crescent Falls and Tharis Island. As storms in these locations increase, the different factions above Fortuna III have decided to send prospectors there to find out what’s happening. Of course, choosing to play on these locations will give players specialized gear. For instance, storm protection armor and night vision helmets. Additionally, players will be able to unlock special cosmetics during the event. 

Check out the new trailer for a look at everything coming with the event. 

The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 arrives on March 29th. Players can enjoy the Storm Riders event until the release of Season 3. Currently, the game is available on Steam. So, are you gonna dive into the storm?