Zombie Rollerz Launching Onto PC and Switch This March

Pinball and Roguelike? 

Choose your hero and get ready to stop the, adorable, zombie hordes in a pinball rogue-like. Developer Zing Games upcoming pinball roguelike tower defense game, Zombie Rollerz, is coming this March. A press release about the unique, genre-bending, zombie killing game provides more details about the features and what players can expect from gameplay. 

Zombie Rollerz places players on the side of ten heroes each with their own way to crush zombies. Your mission is to defend different locations on four overworld maps with pinball precision. However, your heroes aren’t alone. Zombie Rollerz features hundreds of powers and items that you can unlock through playthroughs. Also, each playthrough features random generation which means no two runs will be alike. 

The game features eleven different bosses that only a player’s skill can defeat. Yet before you can defeat the bosses you must defeat hordes of zombies, you need to adapt, improvise and pinball to the best of your ability. Make sure you equip a hero and powers that suit the style you like the best. 

The release date trailer provides players a glimpse of the gameplay they can expect from Zombie Rollerz. It even gives players a look at some of the heroes they can play as. 


Zombie Rollerz is set for a March 2nd release date. It will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Additionally pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch version are available on February 16th at 7 PM CET. So how many zombies do you think you can take on? 

SOURCE: Press Release